At Globe Life, we help families Make Tomorrow Better by working to help protect their financial future. During this challenging time, the communities we serve have frequently asked questions regarding coverage as it pertains to COVID-19. We want to assure you we have a dedicated team monitoring this rapidly-changing situation and are taking every measure possible to ensure we can continue to serve our customers without interruption. The following is subject to change at any time and will be updated as applicable. 

Are there any plan or policy limitations that would impact a COVID-19 related claim?
See our product listing below for an answer to this question.

  • Life Insurance: For Individual or Group Life insurance, there are no policy limitations that would limit a claim payment resulting from COVID-19, provided the individual met all other policy requirements and assuming the individual was accurate and truthful on his/her application.
  • Accidental Death, or Accidental Death/Dismemberment: AD&D policies do not cover diseases. Therefore, death due to COVID-19 is excluded, as are all deaths by disease.
  • Hospital Indemnity/Intensive Care: Because COVID-19 is a viral infection it would be considered a sickness and the Sickness Hospital and Intensive Care Unit Benefits would be payable provided the individual met all other policy requirements.
  • Critical Illness/Cancer Insurance: COVID-19 is not a covered condition under our critical illness/cancer products.
  • Medicare Supplement: Medicare covers the lab tests for COVID-19. You pay no out-of-pocket costs for diagnostic testing.The COVID-19 vaccine is also covered by Medicare.

Can I use my coverage if I need to be tested for COVID-19?
Some of our policies (i.e. Accident, Hospital, etc.) provide coverage for an annual wellness or health screening benefit. Tests for COVID-19, as well as other laboratory tests, may be covered as a wellness or health screening benefit under the policy.

If I am diagnosed with COVID-19 and confined to a hospital, how can my policy help me?
Depending on the type of coverage and treatment, there may be hospitalization, intensive care, physician visits, ambulance, emergency room, laboratory tests, and X-ray benefits available in the policy.

Where can I get more information about my coverage, file a claim or make changes to my policy?
There are several ways to contact us about your coverage:

  • Visit the Company website or call Customer Service using the numbers below
  • Contact your agent for more information
  • Login to your eService account to access your coverage information online and make premium payments through our automated eService center.

Customer service contact information for our Globe Life subsidiaries is below:

American Income Life Insurance Company
American Income Life Website
Monday - Friday 8:00am - 4:30pm Central

Globe Life And Accident
Globe Life And Accident Website
Monday – Friday 7:30am – 6:30pm Central

Globe Life Employee Services Division
Globe Life Employee Services Division Website
Monday – Friday 8:00am – 5:00pm Central

Globe Life Insurance Company of New York
Globe Life Insurance Company of New York Website
Monday – Friday 8:00am – 4:30pm Eastern

Family Heritage Life Insurance Company of America
Globe Life Family Heritage Website
Monday – Friday 8:00am – 5:00pm Eastern

Liberty National Life Insurance Company
Globe Life Liberty National Website
Monday - Friday 7:30am – 5:00pm Central

National Income Life Insurance Company
National Income Life Website
Monday – Friday 9:00am – 5:30pm Eastern

United American Insurance Company
United American Insurance Website
Monday - Friday 7:30am - 5:00pm Central

Where can I get the latest updates on the coronavirus?
For the latest details on the coronavirus, including information on how to keep your home or workplace safe, and guidance for people at risk, please visit

How can I protect myself from hackers or scams that may occur because of COVID-19?
Hackers are preying on society’s fears surrounding COVID-19. Tactics may include price gouging, phishing emails, text messages or social media posts disguised as warnings about the developing health crisis in an attempt to steal personal information. You can protect yourself at work or home using the following tips:

  • Don’t trust the display name
  • Don’t click on links or open attachments from unknown senders
  • Check for spelling mistakes
  • Analyze the salutation
  • Don’t provide personal information
  • Beware of urgent or threatening language in the subject line
  • Review the signature
  • Don’t trust the header from the email address

NOTE: Policy benefits may vary by state. Please view all policies to get the best and accurate information regarding coverage. The information contained in these FAQs does not alter or modify the insurance contract. Claims will be administered according to the applicable policy terms and conditions.